Substantiation report concerning retention of diagnosis «Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis» status in adult patients with a disease onset in childhood and adolescence

Kovalenko V.1, Shuba N.M. 2, Iaremenko O.B. 3, Omelchenko L.I.3, Bortkevych O.P. 1, Marushko T.V. 4, Protsenko G.O.5, Garmish O.O. 6, Ter-Vartanіan S.Kh.7, Svintsitskyi A.S. 3, Gerasymenko S.I. 3

Summary. The article highlights the aspects concerning suitability of diagnosis «Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis» in patients after 18 years old in case of a disease onset in childhood and adolescence. Diagnosis «reformulation» is unsuitable due to substantial difference in pathogenesis, clinical course, treatment approaches and drug dosage. Besides this, the highly important is legal aspect of social benefits of this group of patients to receive effective innovative treatment, according to the recently approved legislative acts.

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