Oshlianska O.A.1, Artsymovych A.G.1, Piliugina B.V.2, Nadtochiy T.G.2

Summary. Abstract. Systemic sclerosis (Ssc) is a rare disabling disease that affects skin, joints, internal organs, which occurs both in adults and children. Despite the rather wide arsenal of antirheumatic drugs, none of them has a proven anti-fibrotic effect, so the question of finding new methods of treatment for Ssc remains relevant. Some features of the pathogenesis and clinical picture of the disease suggest the efficacy of tocilizumab as a therapy for severe Ssc, and various clinical trials are underway, the results of which are quite optimistic. Objective: to analyze self experience with the use of tocilizumab in pediatric patients with Ssc. Object: patients with severe Ssc. Methods: analysis of medical records. Results: two cases of the use of tocilizumab in patients with Ssc who were treated at the SI «O.M. Lukyanova Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology National Academy of the NAMS of Ukraine» are described. Conclusions: using tocilizumab on Ssc can significantly improve the quality of life of a patient with Ssc, and over time, reduce the dosage or completely abandon the CS, however, the attending physician and patient should be prepared for long-term treatment, and carefully monitor the appearance of possible side effects.

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