Clinical and pathogenetic VALUE of air conditioning, moisture exudation, surfactant changes and lungs diffusive CAPACITY changes in patients with systemic scleroSIS

Syniachenko O.V.1, Yurieva A.V. 2, Milner I.A.2, Sovpel I.V. 2

Summary. On the base of clinical and instrumental examination (spirography, echocardiography, bodypneumography, interphase tensiorheography of expirates) of 57 women at the age from 18 to 67 years with systemic sclerosis, the estimations of the air conditioning state (respiratory volumes, parameters of bronchal patency, intrapulmonary haemodynamics), air-conditioning state (speed and volume of respirator moisture exudation), surfactant-synthetic state (surface-tension, viscoelasticity and relaxation of expirates) and diffusing lung capacity, the quality of sclerodermic pneumopathy diagnostics is raised, special guides are developed, which allow to prognose the pathology course.

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