Changes of blood collagen activity in children and adolescents with juvenile idiopatic arthritis

Kashkalda D.A. , Shevchenko N.S. , Lebets I.S. , Zaytseva Е.N.

Summary. In order to evaluate the pattern of dystrophic processes development in connective tissue in juvenile idiopatic arthritis (JIA) evolution stages in children and adolescents, blood collagen activity was measured in 70 JIA patients aged 3–18 years (72,3% girls and 27,7% boys). Mean patients age was 11,46±0,50 years, mostly patients with polyarthritis (85,7%), 1st disease activity stage (61,4%) and 3rd radiological stage (51,4%). It was established that in children and adolescents with JIA mean levels of collagenase activity were significantly higher (in 1,5 times) compare to the control group, and high enzyme activity was observed in half of the patients. Direct correlation of collagenases activity increasing from the number of involved joints (рu<0,05), inflammation process activity and disease radiological stage was revealed. The period of higher collagenase activation were established (first 1,5 years, and from 3–5 years of JIA disease course), which are the most prognostic negative to the development of dystrophic chan­ges in joints and highlight non-appropriate treatment of JIA in children.

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