THE MITRAL REGURGITATION FORMATION IN PATIENTS AFTER ACUTE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION Коваленко Владимир Николаевич 03680, ГСП, Киев, ул. Народного ополчения, 5 Институт кардиологии им. Н.Д.Стражеско AMH Украины РЕФЕРАТИВНА

Kovalenko V.N.1, Vysotska Zh.M. , Polenova N.S. 2

Summary. that the main cause of mitral regurgitation' development in postinfarctive patients is the change of left ventricle (LV) form as a result of its remodelling, whereas the other factors including the LV volume, mitral ring dilation and papillary muscles' dysfunction, are responsible for its progression.

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