Author :   Levchenko V.G.

The value of lupus anticoagulant and RNP-70 autoantibodies in the diagnosis of post-covid arthritis
Authors: Romanovskyi A.V. Levchenko V.G. Дата: 2024-03-07 / Review: 6
Traditional cardiovascular risk factors occurrence among female patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Authors: Garmish O.O. Mitchenko O.I. Levchenko V.G. №65 (3) 2016 / Review: 10
The influence of TNF-α inhibitors on radiological progression in ankylosing spondylitis
Authors: Kovalenko V.M. Garmish E.A. Levchenko V.G. Romanovskiy A.V. №59 (1) 2015 / Review: 7
Eosinophilic fasciitis: review of literature and сase report
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