Orlova I.V.1, Shkolina N.V.2, Vovk I.I.2, Stanislavchuk M.A. 1

Summary. A classic clinical case of a patient with dermatomyositis witha pronounced clinical picture of the disease is presented. Despite the typical symptoms, the patient’s route to the rheumatologist seemed long. Doctors of various specialities repeatedly examined her, but they failed to suspect dermatomyositis. Seven months after the onset of the first symptoms, the patient was seen by a rheumatologist with a characteristic rash, myalgias, weakness of the proximal muscle groups of the upper and lower limbs, and weight loss. Based on the data of physical, laboratory and instrumental examination, as well as the use of the classification criteria 2017 ACR/EULAR for idiopathic inflammatory myopathies, a diagnosis of dermatomyositis was established. The use of combined therapy led to a decrease in the activity of the disease, a reduction in the expressiveness of skin and muscle manifestations and showed a stable remission. The coverage of similar clinical cases is necessary for improving doctors’ awareness of related specialities, which will help establish a diagnosis and start treatment earlier.

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