Romanovsky A. V.

Summary. The article presents the results of a study of the bone tissue in 145 patients (117 women and 28 men) with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), depending on gender, age, and physio­logical periods of life. In women with RA, factors: age, gender, age charac­teristics of physio­logical periods of live have a significant effect on bone mineral density (BMD) indices of different parts of the skeleton. Age and the onset of menopause significantly decrease BMD at the expense of persons with osteopenia and osteoporosis. The relative risk of bone loss at the LІ–LIV level of the spine and femoral neck in female patients with RA is 1.04–1.18 greater than in men. In male patients with RA the age factor does not have a probability effect on BMD. In femaile patients with RA, BMD of the diferent parts of skeleton negatively correlate with age and significantly worsening with the onset of menopause: 19–26% of patients in reproductive period had low BMD (osteopenia/­osteoporosis) and 52–71% in postmenopausal period compared to the control group where low BMD (osteopenia/osteoporosis) have 6–17% of persons in reproductive period and 31–57% in postmenopausal period.

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