Succession and effectiveness of the treatment of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: directions of personalized therapy

Kovalenko V.1, Omelchenko L.I.2, Iaremenko O.B. 2, Marushko T.V. 3, Bogmat L.F.4, Mukvich E.N.5, Boyko Ya.E.6, Garmish O.O. 7, Dzhus M.B. 3, Bilyavska Yu.V.

Summary. uvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) reflects a group of clinically heterogeneous, autoimmune disorders in children characterized by chronic joint inflammation. Early detection and treatment JIA aims to stop inflammation and prevent the development of complications. Unfortunately, many questions related to patient management remain unanswered, in particular regarding implementation of immunobiological therapy and algorithm of transferring children into adult category. In this review, the diagnostic criteria and treatment recommendations for JIA will be discussed. Here, we present the proposals how guideline and protocols can made basis for personalized treatment JIA.

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