Nimesulide efficacy and its influence on the separate catabolic and anabolic factors in patients with osteoarthrosis

Shuba N.M. , Voronova T.D., Pilipenko A.V., Litvinenko S.V.

Summary. Osteoarthrosis (OA) is the most common form of the musculoskeletal system disorders and the main cause of pain and disability in older age, which greatly impairs the quality of life of the patients. In the treatment of patients suffered from OA, both symptom-modifying quick-relief drugs and disease-modifying agents with structurally modifying effect have significant importance. Most often the therapeutic effect of structurally modifying drugs occurs after 2–4 weeks of use, that’s why nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are initially prescribed for quick pain management. It is very important when selecting nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to rely not only on the expressed anti-inflammatory activity, chondroprotective action of the drug, but also on its maximal safety regarding cardiovascular and gastrointestinal complications. Considering the above stated, the drug of choice for OA is nimesulide.

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