lipid metabolism and processes of their peroxidation changes in case of rheumatic heart disease

Taktashov G.S.

Summary. Summary. Studied the role of lipid metabolism changes, their peroxidation (POL) and the system of antioxidant protection (AOP) in pathogenetic construction of chronic rheumatic heart disease (CRHD). 105 patients with CRHD were examined by biochemical, immunoenzymometric, physicochemical, atomic absorption and instrumental methods. Results. In case of CRHD there is a substantial abnormalities of lipid exchange towards atherogenic components, POL processes strengthening and AOP system relief, their characteristics depend on clinical flow disease, correlate with parameters of adsorptive rheologic blood characteristics, endothelial functions of vessels, cardioprotective and cardiotoxic microelements. Conclusion: lipid metabolism changes, POL and AOP in case of CRHD take part in pathogenesis of myocardium excitability derangements, electrical cardiac conduction, its chambers enlargement, respiratory function and pulmonary hypertension development.

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