Changes in the functional activity of the immune system and lipid metabolism for extended monitoring of patients with stable coronary artery disease with angina

Lomakovsky A.N.1, Gavrilenko T.I.2, Lutay M.I.3, Pidgaina O.A.4

Summary. Summary. The study involved 41 patients with stable angina to assess changes in cellular and humoral parameters acquired and innate immunity, immune inflammation and lipid metabolism during the six years of observation. The increase in activity of immune inflammation with increased levels of proinflammatory CRP, IL-6 and IL-8 without significant changes in anti-inflammatory IL-10 in mononuclear blood cells. During follow-defined distinct trend towards increased activity of humoral immunity with activation of B cells and increased synthesis of antibodies to oxidized LDL and to the myocardial tissue. For six years marked growth suppressor T-killer lymphocytes that reduces immunoregulatory index, but the functional activity of T lymphocytes remained within normal limits. During the six years of observation for patients with coronary artery disease not seen changes in levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.

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