Systemic scleroderma and interstitial lung disease (updated ACR 2023 guidelines)

Dzhus M.B. 1, Yatsyshyn R.I.2

Summary. The updated ACR guidelines are devoted to diagnosing, monitoring, and treating interstitial lung disease in systemic scleroderma (SSD-ILD). The unification of terminology and approaches to the diagnosis and clinical monitoring of patients with SSD-ILD can improve the management tactics and increase the survival rate of such patients. Much attention is paid to different approaches to the pathogenetic treatment of SSD-ILD, including the use of antifibrotic drugs and their possible prospects. It is necessary to conduct large-scale multicenter studies and create unique patient registries for standardized approaches to diagnosing and treating SSDD-ILD. To identify patients at high risk of interstitial lung disease, including progressive pulmonary fibrosis, in patients with SSD and lung transplant candidates, the most promising approach is to create particular databases of such patients.

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