Tripolka S.A., Hovrat T.I.

Summary. The article presents a description of the clinical case of the development of a rare manifestation of autoimmune diseases — Sweet-syndrome in a young patient. Initially, the patient was diagnosed with an erroneous diagnosis, which led to the appointment of antibiotics and antihistamines without clinical effect. The diagnosis made by a rheumatologist and the use of glucocorticoid therapy contributed to a significant positive dynamics and the disappearance of rashes. The article presents diagnostic criteria for Sweet-syndrome, a detailed description of the classical tipe of the disease. Critical analysis of the patient’s curation, reasons for the untimely diagnosis were also carried out. Clinical evaluation of a patient with suspected Sweet-syndrome should include a careful history and physical examination. Suspicious of the diagnosis of Sweet-syndrome is the sudden appearance of edematous and erythematous papules, plaques or nodules on the skin; often accompanied by fever, leukocytosis and involvement of internal organs; history of previous infection of the upper respiratory tract, malignant neoplasms, pregnancy and the effects of medications.

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