Karbovskyy V.L.1, Shevchuk I.A.1, Kurkina O.V.1, Makovska T.Ye.2

Summary. The article cites the results of clinical study of the efficacy and safety of medical product Chondrosut, used to treat osteoarthritis patients. Chondrosut is shown to reduce the evidence for the major clinical manifestations of the disease — pain syndrome, stiffness, and to better the functional articular activity. At that, the treatment therapeutic effect lasts for 4 weeks, this substantially improving the quality of life of osteoarthritis patients. The basic laboratory findings for the urine and blood were found to remain within the limits of the age norm and to show no significant dynamics, while ESR reduced statistically significantly. During the therapy none of the patients included in the study revealed the complaints, side-effects, complications or intolerance effects, this enabling Chondrosut to be recommended for use as the chondroprotective agent and as a drug of choice for patients with concurrent pathologies along with osteoarthritis. It is demonstrated that medical product Chondrosut (LLC «Pharmaceutical plant «Biofarma», Bila Tserkva, Ukraine) is by its efficacy therapeutically equivalent to reference drug Mucosat neo («Belmedprepatations», Minsk, Bilorus), since by no indicator under study there was no statistically significant difference between the study and control groups.

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