Kazimirko V.K. 1, Ivanitskaja L.M. 1, Kutovyі V.V.2, Dubkova A.G. 1, Silantjeva T.S. 1

Summary. Summary. The concept of lipid peroxidation, mainly based on studies in vitro, does not meet the requirements for recognition of the studied process existence or metabolic pathway. There are no criteria, methodological approaches to judge the severity of lipid peroxidation parameters in vivo. Determined in blood physiological (background) level of malondialdehyde, conjugated diens and other lipid peroxidation products, indicates the existence of lipid oxidation strict control by the hierarchical system of regulation and eventually — DNA. Therefore, the assertion of the existence of cells uncontrolled free radical reactions on a large scale is unreasonable. In some diseases, auto-oxidation may occur, causing the formation of abnormal lipid inclusions in a number of tissues.

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