Immunological peculiarities in patients with psoriatic arthritis and their correlations with clinical and functional changes of locomotor apparatus

Protsenko G.O. 1, Gavrilenko T.I.2, Kachur V.V. 2

Summary. Summary. In the article were presented the results of immunological indexes research, the level of C-reactive protein and uric acid due to the duration of the disease, functional disorders, count of the affected joints, level of the scales PASI and HAQ. It was found that the level of Т-helpers, T-suppressors, immunoregulatory index depend on duration of the psoriatic arthritis, they have reliable correlation with functional disorders, scales PASI and HAQ, that was confirmed by absolute indexes and reliable correlation. It was established the high sensitivity of C-reactive protein, circulating immune complexes and level of uric acid for the disease severity characterization.

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