Syniachenko O.V.1, Liventsova K.V.2, Fomichova K.S.2, Ignatenko K.G.2

Summary. Summary. The spreading of systemic lupus erythematosus is greatly connected with the development of chemical industry in the regions and the production of building materials with the levels of carbohydrade dioxide and 3, 4-benzpyrene with the content of toxic bismuth and cobalt in the soil, barium and nickel in the subsoil waters, the formation of autoantibodies in the blood depends on the concentration of ammonia, phenol, nitrogen dioxides. carbohydrade dioxide in the atmosphere, and integral significances of unfavorable ecological situation of the air space influence the development and severity of the lesion of the skin, heart and kidneys. Nitrates in drinking water have an influence on the level of nitremia which correlates with severity of visceritis course. The indexes of microelementosis determine lethality of the patients and the level of expressiveness of separate clinical signs of the diseases, influencing the content of barium, lithium and plumbum in the patient’s hair and blood, with which in its turn, the course of pathological ecology is connected.

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