The peculiarities of clinical picture in the patient with knee osteoarthritis and reduced mineral bone density

Shuba N.M. 1, Tarasenko T.N. 2

Summary. Summary. The aim of the study was to reveal the peculiarities of clinical picture in patients with knee osteoarthritis. And reduced mineral bone density. 124 patients with knee osteoarthritis and II–III of the radiological stage according Kellgren — Lawrence classification were examined. Corellation between the mineral bone density and clinical (level of pain, index of limitation of everyday activity on WOMAC, index of Lequesne), radiological (X-ray stage according to Kellgren — Lawrence) and laboratory (C-reactive protein) parameters were evaluated. In patients with reduced mineral bone density more severe pain, limitation of functional activity, radiographic changes, and elevated levels of inflammatory marker such as C-reactive protein were revealed.

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