New aspects of the osteoarthritis pathogenesis and ways of correction

Shuba N.M. 1, Voronova T.D.1, Tarasenko T.N. 2, Krylova A.S.

Summary. Today established new mechanisms of osteoarthritis, which explained the mechanism of action and best place to buy book reports online safety, both anti-inflammatory and structure-modifying drugs. Among anti-inflammatory — the drug of choice can be considered nimesulide, because of its non-COX-dependent effects.
As can be seen from the data presented, the most appropriate drug, which has both anti-inflammatory and structural — modifying effects can be considered a chondroitin sulfate-4, -6, on whose actions, held the largest number of evidence based research. In separate studies have shown pleiotropic effects of chondroitin sulfate-4, -6, which is extremely important in OA patients, who often have comorbidities. In studies using the most informative method, which is the MRI, it was confirmed slowing cartilage loss in 6 and 12 months and reduce the size of damage to the bone after 12 months. Proved slower loss both cartilage and bone is important in the progression of osteoarthritis, since these mechanisms are common in the development of damage both tissues. Therefore, the choice of drugs for the treatment of osteoarthritis should be guided by their impact on the development of OA mechanisms and their safety.

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