The influence of metotrexate depending on the method of injection on gastro-intestinal pathology tract on the state of upper section mucous within children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis

Marushko T.V. 1, German O.B.2, Andreev S.A. 3

Summary. The article deals with comperative analysis (clinic-instrumental and morfological) of state of upper gastrointestinal tract (GT) in children suffering from juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (JRA), depending on the composition of complex therapy. The choiсe of the pharmacological therapy has its effect on severity of lesions in mucous tunic of GT in children with JRA. Special attention was given to the compare oral and parenteral form methotrexate, which is of main basic drug JRA. Parenteral form was present the medication Metoject («Medac HmbH», Germany). The received returns proves the optimal profile of efficacy and safety of Metoject medication during long usage within children with JRA and enable to consider the medication as an alternative to oral form.

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