Research of the new carbohydratemodified medicine of Quercetine influence on the flowing of collagen-induced arthritis in rats

Zupanets I.A. 1, Usenko V.F. 1, Shalamay A.S. 2

Summary. Summary. The results of study of CMMQ influence on collagen-induced arthritis in rats are resulted in comparison with reviewer objects — quercetine and diclofenac sodium. Positive influence of CMMQ is rotined on the flowing of autoimmune collagen-induced arthritis, that is confirmed with normalization of the functional state of joints and clinical-biochemical indexes. All of it testifies to the decline of intensity of immune-inflammatory processes in connecting fabric of animals under act of the probed medicine. On the degree of pharmacological influence on majority of the probed indexes CMMQ is excelled the reviewer object — substance of quercetine. Probed original CMMQ is the perspective proof-reader of inflammatory-destructive diseases of joints with auto-immune component and can be recommended to application in complex therapy of patients with immune-inflammatory and inflammatory-destructive diseases of joints.

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