AL-amyloidosis with heart involvement: current state of the problem

Kozliuk A.S., Giresh I.I.

Summary. The literature review is devoted to the analysis of modern data on currently known aspects of pathogenesis, innovations in diagnosis and treatment of patients with AL-amyloidosis with heart damage. The possibilities of imaging methods for the differential diagnosis of amyloid cardiopathy and other pathologies with the phenotype of myocardial hypertrophy are highlighted. An analysis of the permitted volume of cardiotropic therapy for stabilization of the patient’s condition in the light of the prospects for the application of pathogenetic treatment of paraproteinemia was carried out. Attention is focused on the therapeutic approaches to systemic AL-amyloidosis depending on the stage of the disease and possible directions for its improvement. Scales for predicting the life expectancy of such patients and key factors for its extension are given.

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