Dzhus M.B. 1, Ivashkivsky O.I.2, Karasevska T.A.1, Mazur V.I.2, Potyomka R.A.2, Novitska A.L.2

Summary. Soft tissue calcification in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) is a rare clinical manifestation. However, there are different literature data on localization of calcinates in SLE and connection between their appearance and disease activity and concomitant conditions. There is no the only opinion on treatment ways of soft tissue calcification. The objective of the study was to describe a clinical case of soft tissue calcinates development in SLE patient and to evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed treatment.. The object of the study was a 55 years old female who suffers from SLE for 7 years. In the article we describe in detail the dynamics of disease, its complications, associated diseases and conditions, stages of diagnostic search for causes of calcification. A literature review of 1969–2020 period was conducted by using MEDLINE/PubMed, ScienceDirect, Wiley Online Library and Scops data. 45 articles with documented cases of soft tissue calcification in SLE patients were selected. 29 of them written in English were taken for analysis. After making differential diagnosis and literature analysis, excluding other potential causes of calcifications we made a conclusion that our clinical case is another documented description of soft tissue calcification in SLE patient. Like other connective tissue diseases SLE has many unknown or not well understood specificities of pathogenesis and can be presented by different manifestations, including rare ones. This case report and literature review are an addition to the modern knowledge. Their purpose is to place an emphasis on rare manifestations of systemic diseases and their modern treatment options.

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