Suhorebska M.I., Yatsyshyn R.I.

Summary. The article presents a study on the impact of abdominal obesity (АОB) on the course of osteoarthritis (OA).These results confirm the negative impact of АОB on the course of joint syndrome in patients with OA. At the same time patients have more pain syndrome, deeper lesions of the joints, especially of the lower extremities (100%), significantly increases the number of swollen joints. The results can be explained not only by increasing the load on joints because of overweight patients, but also changes in the levels of pathogenic course of OA. According to the survey results found that AOB significantly affect the quality of life of patients with OA. And if patients with OA deterioration available the parameters of «self» and «pain/discomfort» as well as a general index of quality of life, in patients with comorbidity observed deterioration on all indicators of the scale EuroQol-5D, that marked a significant increase pain and quality of life. We studied the effect of quercetin and L-arginine hydrochloride in clinical and functional status of patients with OA combined with АОB and identified, the inclusion of traditional anti-inflammatory therapy quercetin and L-arginine hydrochloride improves the clinical and functional status of patients with OA combined with obesity and improve the quality of life of patients.

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