Kondratyuk V.E.

Summary. The lecture presents data on the epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical, diagnosis and prognosis of the acromegalic arthropathy. Acromegalic arthropathy is the most frequent clinical syndrome and may be a sign of a debut in the majority of patients with acromegaly. The severity acromegalic arthropathy determined hormonal activity of pituitary tumors and duration of disease. Long-term arthropathy causes irreversible changes of articular disorders, even if effective biochemical control of acromegaly. Patients with acromegaly and secondary osteoarthritis is characterised by a pronounced osteophytosis, less significant decrease in joint space narrowing, compared with patients with primary osteoarthritis. Required early diagnosis acromegalic arthropathy in order to reduce the frequency and severity of joint disorders. It is advisable to carry out a more aggressive treatment (surgery) patients with acromegaly in order to prevent the progression of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the development of disability. Acromegaly is a cause of secondary osteoporosis.

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