B9 and B12 vitamin status in patients with antiphospholipid syndrome, its relationship with the course of disease and lesions of the cardiovascular system

Shevchuk S.V.1, Kuvikova I.P. 2

Summary. It was established that B9 and B12 vitamin security in patients with APS was significantly lower than in healthy persons. Deficiency or marginal supply of B9 and B12 vitamins were registered in 13.5% and 18.9% healthy individuals and 35.4% — 41.6% patients with APS, and in the rest 22% of cases there was a lack of multivitamin. It was obtained clear evidence that the level of homocysteine was closely linked with the status of these vitamins. Thus, among patients with an optimal B9 and B12 vitamin supply, hyperhomocysteinemia met in 30.6% and 26.4% of the people respectively, among patients with a deficiency in one of these vitamins hyperhomocysteinemia met in 63.6% and 75.8% of cases. Beside hyperhomocysteinemia, B9 and B12 vitamin status was associated with the level of CRP and IL-6, to a lesser extent with age and lipids and did not depend on the levels of antiphospholipid antibodies. Also it was demonstrated the link between B9 and B12 vitamin with the structural and functional changes in blood vessels, the maximum changes of which had occurred in patients with combined vitamin deficiency.

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