2014 EULAR Congress (Paris, 11–14 June): the review of congress materials

Kovalenko V.N.1, Gnilorybov A.M.2, Ter-Vartanіan S.Kh.3, Iaremenko O.B. 4, Golovach I.Yu.5, Kovganich T.O. 6, Rekalov D.H.7

Summary. The review of main lectures and reports from the last EULAR congress is presented in the article. The questions conserning comorbidity, the important role of biosimilars in the rheumatic disease management, new EULAR recommendations for use of imaging in spondyloarthritis, the adalimumab safety, genetic predictors for rheumatoid arthritis, the possibilities to stop immunosuppresants in systemic lupus erythematosus, etc are discussed.

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