Сhoice of structure-modifying and anti-inflammatory drugs in patients with osteoarthritis

Shuba N.M. , Voronova T.D., Krylova A.S.

Summary. Summary.  Today new mechanisms of osteoarthritis are established, which explained the mechanism of action and safety, both anti-inflammatory and structure-modifying drugs. For the treatment of knee osteoarthritis drugs of choice are the chondroitin sulfate-4, -6, and glucosamine sulfate, which efficacy has been confirmed in clinical studies, for hip osteoarthritis — diacerein respectively. Because diacerein efficacy was also revealed in patients with knee osteoarthritis, it is the most appropriate treatment choice in case of combination of both knee and hip osteoarthritis. Diacerein is an effective agent for reducing the pain and functional disorders, but as it provides relief of symptoms, ranging from 2–4 weeks of treatment, it is necessary to use NSAIDs in the first 2 weeks of therapy, the best choice among them can be considered to nimesulide, due to it’s non-COX-dependent effects.

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