The GENDER ahD age SPECIFIC FEATURES OF gonarthrosis

Syniachenko O.V.1, Iermolaieva M.V.1, Yutovets T.S.2, Golovkina K.S.2

Summary. Summary. Gonarthrosis has significant gender and age course characteristics, which are associated with the severity, disease progression rate and the prevalence of articular disease process, and, in men considered Baker’s cyst, trabecular edema in the femoral condyles and tibial bone ligamentosis, periligamentitis, changes in anterior cruciate ligament, in women — subchondral sclerosis, changes in the posterior horn of the medial meniscus, osteocystosis and intra-articular Hoff bodies. Dimorphic age characterized by the frequency of osteophytosis formation, osteocystosis, epiphyseal osteoporosis osteousures, intrahondrome bodies, change the anterior horn of the lateral meniscus, anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments.

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