Syniachenko O.V.1, Pavlyuchenko А.K. 2, Lukashenko L.V. 3, Gonchar G.A.2

Summary. Summary. Oculopathies in rheumatoid arthritis are diagnosed in every fifth patient in correlation of «uveit–scleritis–keratitis–glaucoma–cataract–conjunctivitis» as 10:6:5:4:4:1. Thus eye patho­logy is closely related to clinical picture, disease course, depend on pathological process activity, rates of arthritis progression, frequency of sternoclavicularies, supramaxillary, wrist involvement, entesopathy frequency, digital artheriitis development, muscles and lung pathology, systemic osteoporosis development, erosions, bone aseptic necrosis, intra-articular chondromal bodies and Pellogri-Shtaydi bodies presence.

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