The clinical case of paraneoplastic arthropathy

Voloshyna L.O. 1, Gavrysh L.O. 2

Summary. Summary. The article describes own observations of paraneoplastic syndrome (PNS) combined with osteoarthritis of large joints of lower limbs, metabolic syndrome and pronounced atherosclerotic changes in vessels and data from literature review. Verified earlier osteoarthritis of joints of lower limbs in 50-year-old male was some differential-diagnostic «trap» for doctors of district hospital who have not immediately noticed the unusual disease course and low effectiveness of NSAIDs. Masking of PNS manifestations was promoted by secondary cervical-thoracic radiculopathy and associated forms of migraine-related symptoms of severe osteoarthritis of the spine and widespread atherosclerotic changes in vessels of the neck and comorbide background, due to the manifestations of metabolic syndrome. In the considered case difficulties with diagnosis, differential diagnosis, advantages and contradictions of modern instrumental and laboratory-biochemical methods, blood tumor markers, etc. even in the later stages of PNS were demonstrated.

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