the Investigation of quercetin Influence on of chondrocytes IN conditions OF EXPERIMENTAL OSTEOARTHRITIS DEVELOPMENT

Usenko V.F. , Zupanets I.A. , Tarasenko О.О. , Shebeko S.K.

Summary. The effect of quercetin on chondrocyte apoptosis in rats with systemic steroid osteoarthritis was studied. The identification of apoptotic cells in the articular cartilage tissues was done using the method of TUNEL-reaction. According to light microscopy, dexamethasone exerts apoptotic effects on chondrocytes. The received results showed a significant decrease in apoptotic index under the influence of quercetin compare to rats from the control group of Pathology, and with respect to the reference drug diclofenac sodium. Thus, the study results presented the benefits of quercetin, which can be considered as a means of high antiapoptogenic activity with the futher prospects of its administration in patients with degenerative joint diseases, particularly osteoarthritis.

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