Number№82 (4) 2020

THE FOLLOW-UP RESULTS OF STRUCTUM® APPLICATION (by the data of multicentre study)

Alekseeva L.I., Arhangelskaya G.S., Davydova A.F., Karmiltseva E.A. , Kogan K.M. , Mazurov V.I. , Rebrov A.P., Ryabitseva O.F. , Shemerovskaya T.G. , Yakushin S.S. , Nasonova V.A. , Soldatov D.G.

Summary.  There were studied the duration of clinical effect of chondroitin sulfate (medication Structum®) in knee and hip osteoarthritic' (OA) patients, as well as its influence on OA and concomitant diseases' course. The duration of clinical effect of chondroitin sulfate (medication Structum) in knee and hip osteoar-thritic' (OA) patients and its influence on OA and concomitant diseases' course was studied during 12 months in 9 centers, those took part in estimation of efficacy and safety of the medication in patients with knee and hip osteoarthritis during the open multicentre randomized 6-month study. From 555 OA knee and hip OA patients, included in the first study, there were investigated373persons: 159patients of the basic group, those received structum during 6 months, and 214 patients of the control group. by the main clinical parameters the both groups were comparable. The clinical investigation of patients conducted immediately after the end of treatment course by structum and after 12 months. There were studied the OA course (the number of exacerbations, hospitalizations, outpatient visits, the days of temporary disability due to OA), the joint pain in rest and walking by visual analogue scale (VAS), algofunctionalLequesne index. There

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