Author :   Abragamovych U.O.

Сurrent view on the problem of osteoporosis in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (literature review and clinical case presentation)
Authors: Abragamovych O.O. Abragamovych U.O. Tsyganyk L.V. Synenkyy O.V.... №55 (1) 2014 / Review: 12
Arterial Hypertension and Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Another View of the Problem (literature review and clinical case study)
Authors: Abrahamovych O.O. Abragamovych U.O. Synenkyy O.V. Kushina A.P.... №50 (4) 2012 / Review: 5
disseminated lesions of pulmonary tissue in internist practice: clinical masks and reality of idiopathic fibrosing alveolitis
Authors: Abrahamovych O.O. Zhuraev R.K. Bysjaryn Yu.V. Abrahamovych M.O.... №30 (4) 2007 г. / Review: 16