Pericardium diseases. Recommendations for the diagnostics and treatment of pericardium diseases

Kovalenko V.1, Nesukay E.1, Voronkov L.G. 2, Ілляш М.Г.3, Рябенко Д.В.3, Целуйко В.Й.3, Kozliuk А.3

Summary. Pericardium diseases could be isola­ted or the part of systemic diseases or as a result of infection or noninfectious reasons. Task force of Association of cardiologists of Ukraine for the dise­ases of myocardium, pericardium, endocardium and heart valves prepared updated recommendations for diagnostics and treatment of pericardium diseases on the base of European recommendations (2015), also classification of myocarditis was reviewed and completed. The new possibilities of visualization methods of diagnostics and latest treatment schemes are highlighted in the recom­mendations.

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