Infectious endocarditis. Recommendations for prevention, diagnostics and management of infectious endocarditis

Kovalenko V.1, Nesukay E.1, Книшов Г.В.2, Ватутін М.Т.2, Voronkov L.G. 3, Ілляш М.Г.2, Ryabenko D.V., Целуйко В.Й.2, Kozliuk А.2

Summary. An infectious endocarditis (IE) is associated with a high death rate and frequent development of heavy complications without regard to the improvement of diagnostics and treatment. During the last years the changes of epidemiology descriptions of IE. By a myocardial, pericardial, endocardial and valve diseases working group Ukrainian Association of cardiology the classification of IE is revised and complemented (taking into account recommendations of ESC, 2009, 2015). Greater possibilities of visualization of heart, especially MRI are lighted up in recommendations. Subsequent development in renewed guidelines was got by conception of multidisciplinary approach, insistingly supported inspection and treatments patient with IE in the specialized centers by the group of experts («by the team of endocarditis»).

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