The frequency of allelic variants of CYP 2C9 gene in patients with rheumatic heart valves

Maliarchuk I.V.1, Gorovenko N.G.2

Summary. Summary. The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of CYP 2C9 polymorphism on formation of rheumatic and non-rheumatic heart valvular disease. Materials and methods. The study included 133 patients with heart valve replacement (67.67% male, 32.33% women, average age 51±1.2 years). 30 patients had rheumatic heart valvular dise­ase genesis and 103 patients had non-rheumatic heart valvular disease genesis. For determination of allelic variant *2 and *3 of CYP 2C9 gene the method of allele-specific PCR has been used. Results. Frequencies of the homozygous genotype CYP 2C9*1*1 (a «wild» type) was statistically higher in patients control group, compared to patients subgroup A, which may indicate a decrease the risk of rheumatic disease with damage of the heart valves in 3 times. Frequencies of the heterozygous genotype CYP 2C9*1*2 was statistically higher in patients subgroup A, which increases the risk of formation of rheumatic heart valves, more than 3 times. Conclusions. Genetic testing CYP 2C9*2 gene allows to identify patients at increased risk of developing rheumatic disease with damage of the heart valves.

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