Clinical observation of the patient with a pulmonary arterial hypertensia at secondary antiphospholipid syndrome. modern approaches to the therapy

Shuba N.M. , Voronova T.D., Tkachenko M.U.

Summary. The given clinical report has shown efficаcy of using antiinflammatory therapy (glucocorticoid — methylprednisolon), modern anticoagulant therapy (an inhibitor of the Хa-factor of blood coagulation rivaroxaban), and also inhalation of iloprost in treatment the patient with secondary antiphospholipid syndrome against the background of mixed connective tissue disease and pulmonary arterial hypertensia. Results have shown that combination of antiinflammatory therapy (methylprednisolon), modern anticoagulant therapy (rivaroxaban) and reducing pressure in a pulmonary artery drugs (inhalation iloprost) is possible to recommend to the patients with secondary antiphospholipid syndrome and pulmonary arterial hypertensia.

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